Talking & Dancing Cactus

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The perfect way to stay away your kids from smartphone addiction and still make them engaged

Help your child in early education with most funny and engaging way – available with upgraded version now

Why you will love this

Make your child’s mood happy instantly 

Cactus toy can immediately turn your child’s mood happy and filled with fun. 96% of our customers have reported they use this while their kids cry or during feeding their kids.

Help in early education of kids

It can repeat what you say. It has the recording feature upto 15 seconds. You can tell rhymes, alphabets, numbers or short stories. It will play in its own funny voice – kids love this.

Preloaded 120 songs and dancing feature

It comes with 120 preloaded songs. You can play the song. It will glow and twist its body and dance for you.

Repeats and mimics what you say to it

This will speak back what your little one or you speak to it. Best way to keep childrens away from smartphone addiction and still engage in something creative.

Latest Upgraded version

Unlike other chep qualities this cactus toy comes with the larger lithium ion rechargeable battery. Built to run long and easily rechargeable. 

100% Safe for kids

Made with premium quality comfortable non toxic soft material. 100% safe for kids. You can clean it with a wet cloth.

Perfect gift even for adults

It will twist its body, dance, sing, mimic, speak, record and even play songs for you. Best gift for children, girlfriend, wife and your friend.

Unique and funny show piece

Looks perfect at your drawing room as show piece

How to use

  • Press the label button on the cactus. 
  • Cactus will play songs for you. 
  • Press again to switch to the next song. 
  • Long press to record. It can record up to 15 seconds.
  • Press to play recorded sound. 

What comes in the box

  • Cactus Toy
  • Charging Cable 
  • User manual

Make your child smile and fill with joy instantly with cactus toy

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Talking & Dancing Cactus

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