Bee safe Wax Moth Stick(buy 3 get 2 free & free shipping)


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We’d love to recommend our Bee safe Wax Moth Stick that can offers you a quick and safe solution to save your bees from destructive moth pests. Lure wax moths from the beehives and slowly paralyzed them after consuming it. Therefore, it’s an effective way to eradicates pests due to its sterilization effect on the female pests.

Convenient & Long-lasting Effects

Only one stick needed for each standard beehives! Ours Bee safe Wax Moth Stick can keep your bees healthy and even last up to 12 months. Leaves with no significant residues after using it. Simply hang the stick between the frame (beehives) or place it directly at the entrance of the bee frames storage box.

Safety Use For Your Bees

Comes with a no harm solution to the bees, which does not affect nesting, breeding, and honey production. Does not need to shake bee frames that helps to avoid any injury or death of your bees. It’s a pollution-free products that safe to use on bees.


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Bee safe Wax Moth Stick(buy 3 get 2 free & free shipping)

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