Hardened All-steel Triangle Plow Hoe


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Easy and effortless ditching, seeding, and soil loosening with Hardened All-steel Triangle Plow Hoe.

You will no longer feel tired of digging holes with this triangle hoe. Planting flowers and vegetables is much more convenient and easy.  

It can also be used for weeding since it digs deeper down than a traditional hoe and gets down to the roots of those pesky weeds.


✔Improve Working Efficiency

A sharp triangular hoe can dig deeper and faster with ease, as it can easily Pierce the ground. With this garden hoe, you can dig, plant, and fertilize much more easily and efficiently.


Perfect gardening tools that break up the soil and allow air and water to penetrate, giving your new plants a better place to spread their roots. Use the edge of the triangular hoe to level the ground you have dug. In addition, you can use the back end of the hoe to crush clods.

✔Widely Used

The triangle hoe is particularly useful in digging narrow furrows or for loosening rocky soil. Ideal for digging holes, ditching, loosening, transplanting, planting flowers and vegetables, weeding, etc.

✔Sturdy and Durable

It is made of carefully selected manganese steel, hand-forged and welded, and is very sturdy and durable.


This plow hoe is very sharp. When using it, you must wear protective gloves to avoid injury. In addition, it must not be used for children to play, otherwise, it will be a very bad thing.


Material: Manganese Steel, Iron Handle

Product Dimensions: 25x10cm

Weight: 345g

Package Included: 1x Hardened All-steel Triangle Plow Hoe


Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.

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Hardened All-steel Triangle Plow Hoe

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